The Artist

     Barry Stier     My name is Barry Stier.  After a lifetime as a businessman with an avocation of creating art for my personal pleasure I have accumulated a collection of my photographs, paintings, sketches and drawings.  My business has taken me to the four corners of the world enabling me to not only study the art in a worldwide assortment of museums and collections but to record my own views of the peoples, animals and scenes of these various places.   

          The advancement of the computer during the past quarter of a century allowing the digitizing of art has enabled me to store my lifetime collection of personally produced art on large computer hard drives and in the newly available “cloud” storage that seems to be boundless in capacity.

        Having passed my 80th birthday I have decided to build this website to show my work to the world. Because I've been an entrepreneur all my life I cannot resist the urge to offer my work for sale.  I must believe, if history is any indication, my advanced age will increase the value of my work in the not too distant future. I will explain the prices and sizes offered on another page.  I sincerely hope you will enjoy my work.


Here is where I introduce myself to you as an artist.  I began experimenting with creative lighting for portraits and filters to create effects in photographs circa 1950.  Besides photography I have taken courses in painting, composition and the history of art.  I have produced countless photographic and graphic art magazine covers and advertisements for commercial publications.  I have judged art exhibits and fine art photography competitions.  I have taught photography at the college level.  But what I show here is my own art made just for the love of art.

There was a time when you could see me sitting in a street in Jaffa, Israel or at a sidewalk café in Athens with an easel and paints but that was a long time ago.  I would vacillate between urges to use oils which gave me more freedom to work the paint to using water color or gouache which was lighter and easier to carry and would dry quickly or other of the many other media available.  Traveling as I did by air made carrying a variety of paints, canvasses and brushes very inconvenient.

The advent of computer software allowing artists to emulate the looks of brushes, paints, chalk, pencils, canvass, textured papers and such allows an artist to A digital drawing tabletgexperiment with and endless variety of tools without the cost of buying and storing it all. 

I now use both a graphic tablet and a computer mouse instead of brushes and apply my images onto a computer screen where I can change my strokes over and over, deleting things I did not like or changing the color in various parts of a work with just a few key strokes.  I can then have an extremely high tech ink jet printer apply the color to any kind of substrate I desire.  The result can be a canvas that looks like heavy oils were applied with a palette knife or runny water colors applied on cold pressed paper with a soft brush.  This is known as Giclone.